Book an event at a venue which is very easy to find

Launches, premieres, company parties and customer days are examples of the kind of events that we often help to organize here at the Stockholm City Conference Centre. Whether you are planning a small intimate gathering or a larger outdoor event, we have the facilities to suit you. Our prime location offers enormous possibilities to optimize your company’s visibility by both indoor and outdoor promotional material.

A well-organized event will boost your company’s profile and give guests a greater understanding about your future plans, products, or new ventures.

Our facilities are ideally suited for such an event. Centrally located in the city centre, we are easy to get to, and have a broad range of rooms with a variety of furnishings.

Organisers who wish to give their event and visitors a more intimate feel, can choose to book an event room with its own entrance, lobby and cloakroom.

During the summer, we also offer the opportunity to organise activities outdoors in the Norra Latin schoolyard. This ensures maximum visibility as you can invite several thousand people! Here there is extensive exhibition space: we have even had new car launch events.

An event is an excellent way to reinforce the ties between your customers and the brand.

And during the time you are mingling and getting to know your guests, we of course can take care of all the practical issues such as food, refreshments and other services.

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