Presentation network

If your meeting includes several speakers in different rooms, we recommend a presentation network. Our experienced technicians will assist your speakers in uploading their presentations in consecutive order for the right room. The technician will also ensure the slides have the correct resolution for our large-screen projectors.

Easymeet – ny teknik öppnar mötet för alla

The package includes a presentation network, a technician for 9 hours and 2 laptops.

A presentation laptop is needed for each room.

Making life easier for the speakers

By downloading PowerPoint presentations to our internal networks in advance, speakers and seminar holders don’t have to worry about the compatibility of their own computers.

Avoid the stress of having to upload a presentation in a packed auditorium.

Technical support

If your meeting requires several breakouts with different speakers in each room, we recommend added assistance from our experienced technicians.

As easy as it gets

The service requires the use of the Stockholm City Conference Centre’s computers and the customer also has a room at their disposal where speakers can sit and check their presentations and the technology.

We also recommend our customers use the Stockholm City Conference Centre’s skilled technicians for support. This network service has been highly appreciated by our customers, and it is primarily meant to be used at major events where there are many speakers in several rooms. But it can be used for all kinds of meetings.

In a nutshell
Stockholm City Conference Centre will help you to arrange meetings with effective and well-functioning presentations!