A pleasant lunch break with us lays the foundation for a rewarding afternoon. During lunch you will have the opportunity to chat with other participants and restore your energy level.


We serve a wholesome, delicious main dish inspired by seasonal flavours with freshly baked bread, salad, beverage and coffee.

Appreciated complements are the starter menu Tasty Starter and Sweet Ending.

Tasty Starter

A tasty starter whets the appetite. Kindle your taste buds with something appetising that enhances the overall lunch experience.

This could, for instance, be an appetiser consisting of smoked salmon with cauliflower cream or broiled ox carpaccio with Dijon mustard, beetroot and red onion.

Sweet Ending

A sweet ending is the finale that really makes the meal truly memorable.

Our raspberry cheesecake and cardamom seasoned fruit and berry salad create memories that linger.

Welcome Coffee

Regardless of whether you are arranging a small or large meeting, a welcome coffee is always appreciated. It forges the group together and gives participants an opportunity to get to know each other. An invigorating start that lays the foundation for the rest of day.

”We put together a range of menus that will suit many different types of meeting. Our customers know that we are happy to take their wishes into account as far as is humanly possible.”

Rey Quinn, Food & Beverage Manager, Stockholm City Conference Centre