Coffee buffet

The break is perhaps as important as the meeting…
Breaks are important and should give energy and create the right atmosphere for meetings with creative and active participants. We’d love to help you create an environment where meeting participants can continue meeting during the break, in the form of conversations and reflections.


Midmorning coffee

A welcome coffee before the meeting provides the best conditions for a good start. We can highly recommend our coffee buffet with freshly brewed coffee and tea and a selection of wheat bread, sandwiches, juice and fruit. Or why not a coffee or tea along with a wholesome sandwich with delicious cold cuts?

Afternoon coffee

An afternoon break provides renewed energy and strength. We recommend our buffet, Sweet and Savoury, served with tea or coffee. There are several menus to choose from, and plenty of healthy alternatives to pastries.

Coffee buffet – Sweet and Savoury

Are you aiming for a vibrant meeting with creative and engaged participants? This buffet has three components:

Sweet: A varied selection of smaller pastry, including carrot cake, brownies, cheesecake or fruit and berry pies according to season. Buns, muffins, sweets and small cakes are also an option. Or why not try a bowl of freshly cut fruit, some yoghurt with honey and nuts or a freshly made smoothie from fresh berries and fruit.

Savoury: An appetising option with, for example, a flatbread roll with a creamy seafood salad, reindeer steak and wasabi or cream cheese with sundried tomatoes or crostini with various toppings.

The buffet is customised according to seasonal produce and your wishes.

”I still have not met a single guest who is disappointed with our Sweet & Savoury buffet – it offers something for everyone! ”

Hedvig Sjöström, Café Attendant, Café Markelius