Breakfast buffet

A conference breakfast is a good way to bring together the group before the meeting. If your participants have got up early and already had a long journey, some extra energy may be needed before the working day starts.

In that case, our breakfast buffet with a selection of sandwiches and pastry is the perfect start. If you wish, the buffet can be supplemented with warm dishes such as scrambled eggs and bacon.


Inspiring breaks

The breaks are an important part of the meeting. This is the opportunity to recover energy and mingle. We will gladly ensure that the refreshments follow the theme of the meeting.

Speak with us and we will explain the various options. Coffee buffet, a plate of selected fruit or why not a refreshing drink, filled with fresh fruit and berries?

”If they arrive early, our guests can sometimes look a bit ill at ease. A cup of coffee immediately makes them more comfortable.”

Bente Ekman, Front Desk Manager, Folket Hus