Marketing package

Spread your message to an audience both inside and out. Take advantage of this great opportunity to market yourself to other target groups. Large numbers of people pass through our buildings every day.



Facade Banners

On the Norra Latin facade, facing out onto Railway Square, we offer one of Stockholm’s best advertising spaces. It is possible to hang banners of different sizes. The attention of passers-by is guaranteed.



Hang your own flags on our flagpoles and flag stand! A perfect opportunity for extra visibility both before and during the event.



Outside the entrance to Folkets Hus, there are a number of billboard sites, which are excellent for posters and advertisements. We also have a number of sandwich boards that can be used to advertise at street level.


Street jockey

Outside entrances are able to exhibit the so-called “street talkers“. One easy way to market their meeting.


Electronic sign system

You can with our help easily add a slideshow or your company logotype to our electronic sign system (at Folkets Hus).


Toilet signs

On the inside of the toilet cubicles and on the doors of the toilets, there is space for advertising in A4 format.


Elevator signs

Our lifts provide great opportunities for exposure. They have plenty of advertising space in A4 format.



Through our partners, we can also offer the opportunity for exposure via a product mat.