The North and South Atriums

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Give your event a stylish, vintage setting!

The two gorgeous Atriums constitute the very heart of Norra Latin and were for many years the inner quads: the meeting place for the pupils during breaks and after school.

Now glassed in by the building’s magnificent modern skylight which lets in light from all directions, these splendid three-storey rooms provide the visitor with a very congenial sense of space.

Look around the walls and you will get a powerful sense of the building’s history.   Several magnificent oil paintings hang here, painted by some of the  foremost Swedish artists of the 1880s such as Bruno Liljefors and Prince Eugen. A potent reminder of the elegant era in which Norra Latin first opened its doors.

The Atriums are excellent for deluxe coffee breaks, buffet dinners or parties. Over the years many grand formal dinners have been held here. Why not end your meeting by dining in style in this splendid room, so rich in history and tradition?

Room category400-1360
Seated guests lunch and dinner80-120 in each atrium
Maximum guests in south and north atrium300 people per atrium
Number of toilets11
Sound and lightingAvailable