Safety and security

The safety and security of both our visitors and staff is of paramount importance to us.



We maintain vigorous standards for both fire prevention as well as personal safety. City Conference Centre has well established procedures in the event of fire, sudden acute illness or theft.

Our safety work includes organizing training, establishing procedures and conducting constant maintenance of, for example fire alarms and escape routes. Our staff undergoes fire drill training involving both practice and theory. Training in CPR is organized for staff at different positions around the facility.

There are many aspects of personal safety, and to us it’s important that our work in this field complies with prevailing laws and requirements. We have chosen to use Safehotel-Star for an independent verification of our fire safety standards, and were proud to be the first non-residential conference venue to be certified via Safehotel in spring 2012.


Our primary responsibility is to create a safe, secure welcome for our conference guests. We want our premises to be as open as possible to enable access to our public areas, however at the same time maintain constant vigilance to protect both our guests and our staff.

To ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to the centre, our highly trained security guards are always on duty when the venue is open for visitors. We are also able to notch up the security level and provide additional support according to the specific needs of our customers.

Our safety policy

Our goal is to maintain high safety standards and to prevent and avoid accidents and minimize damage to people, environment and property. Safety work to be conducted with an emphasis on prevention activities and will have the following results:

  • that employees feel confident in their work practices
  • that customers and guests in the facility should feel secure
  • that a service with high quality and safety is maintained
  • the number of harmful events and serious damage is minimized
  • reduced costs through less damage and fewer losses