Eco-certified meetings, parties and events

Stockholm City Conference Centre is proud to be certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and we work in accordance with its guidelines.

Our environmental policy
Stockholm City Conference Centre strives to take ever-greater responsibility for improving the environment. We wish to contribute to lasting and sustainable development as far as is technically feasible and economically reasonable.

We will fulfil the laws and requirements relevant to us and our environmental impact, and strive to reduce this by establishing appropriate targets.

Targets 2019

Reduce total energy consumption with 2% compared to 2018.

Keep the level of the ecolabel limit value with good margin.

Decrease food waste to 200 gram per guest.

Food & Beverage
The share of organic products shall be at least 25%.
The share of MSC certified fish shall be at least 27%.

Sustainable meetings at Stockholm City Conference Centre

By allowing us to host your meeting here at Stockholm City Conference Centre, you can choose how eco-friendly you want it to be.

The journey here
Stockholm City Conference Centre is centrally located – in the middle of the city, just a few minutes’ walk from the Central Station.

If you are travelling within Stockholm, we recommend that you leave your car at home and use the excellent public transport facilities.

If you are coming from other parts of Sweden, there are eco-friendly ways of getting here:

  • A train directly to Stockholm Central Station
  • A long-distance coach directly to the Central Station
  • From Arlanda Airport, you can travel directly to the Central Station on the Arlanda Express or by taxi. It is possible to pre-book a green taxi with Taxi Kurir

There are several environmentally certified hotels within easy walking distance.

The meeting facilities
Our conference facilities bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and we work constantly to reduce our consumption of energy and water, and try as far as possible to buy eco-labelled products.

  • We use green electricity
  • We have switched to LED lighting in our Congress Hall
  • Most of our meeting rooms have lighting controlled by motion detectors
  • The ventilation is adapted to our customers and their use of the premises
  • We clean with ultra-pure water
  • We sort our waste into many different fractions

The meeting
Stockholm City Conference Centre can offer different green alternatives for your meeting. For example, we take an active responsibility for paper consumption by offering:

  • Digital invites and registration – we cooperate with and can recommend suppliers of digital meeting management
  • Digital documentation – we can offer digital meeting documentation
  • We can offer digital signage in Norra Latin and Folkets Hus
  • On-wall projection – we can offer wall space on which to project your signs

The food
Stockholm City Conference Centre works to protect the environment in several ways when it comes to food. We take an active responsibility by imposing requirements on our raw materials.

  • We regularly offer vegetarian-only days on our lunch menus
  • We only serve organic coffee
  • We source locally grown produce wherever possible
  • We are pleased to serve Stockholm’s excellent tap water with our food
  • We have a fish policy to help combat overfishing and negative environmental impact on ecosystems
  • We serve MSC-certified fish whenever possible
  • We work actively to reduce food waste by carefully considering how we serve meals

This is why we have chosen the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification for our conference facilities

Environmental issues have been a natural part of our activities and high on our agenda for a long time. We see the Nordic Swan as a natural step, and a tool for us to be able to improve our sustainability efforts even further,” says Carin Sjöberg, CEO of City Conference Centre.

Stockholm City Conference Centre is a large facility right in the centre of Stockholm. Every year, 1,400 meetings are held here with around 100,000-150,000 guests coming through our doors. Our maximum capacity at any one time is 4,000 guests. Many different types of event, where the environment and sustainability are important factors, are held here; including annual shareholders’ meetings, international congresses, political gatherings and multinational company conferences.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has many benefits. The Swan’s sustainability requirements provide scope for reducing consumption in the form of less energy – and water consumption, chemical control and comprehensive waste separation. The Swan also encourages us to work actively to increase the amount of organic and locally sourced food in our restaurants. Being one of the facilities that meets all the Swan’s tough requirements makes us feel very proud,” Carin continues.

We meet more and more customers who expect their chosen event organizer to conduct serious and active environmental work, and as a result of the Swan Ecolabel, we can clearly show and communicate how we promote long-term sustainability in our work,” says Carin in conclusion.